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Cardiff tourism prospects


Wales has always been a wonderful destination for travelling and sightseeing. Recently, it has been voted as the most popular country across the world by Rough Guides. What does this mean to Cardiff? Find it out from the news below.


Online petition to save two cultural venues

 Image by Seth Whales
Image by Seth Whales

Two of the best known cultural venues in Cardiff are facing a severe budget cut plan proposed by the Council. They say they can no longer afford to subsidize the New Theatre and St David’s Hall, but many people disagree with the measure. An online petition has already reached more than 3.000 signatures in order to stop the plan. Lucas Goetz has gone out to find out more.

Cardiff prison will have its own baby group

Image by Marcos de Madariaga
Image by Marcos de Madariaga

The first baby group will be launched at Cardiff prison this month. This project is supported by Pact Cymru, a charity that provides services for young prisoners’ families. It has received almost one million pounds from the Big Lottery Fund to expand its operations through prisons in Wales. Arthur Han has talked to Joanne Mulcahy, Manager of Pact Cymru Project, to know about the importance of this programme.

Vintage Fair attracts hundreds of visitors

Vintage Fayre at Cardiff City Hall

Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair, voted one of the best in the UK, took place in Cardiff City Hall on Sunday.

Founded in 2009, it attracts store owners and traders from different places around the country.

The organisers say they love Cardiff for its diversity and rising numbers of vintage savvy shoppers.

Lou Lou Glover, the organiser of the fair, says the idea was born in 2009 to promote her shop in Sheffield.

The fair currently visits 45 cities nationwide.

Over 1,500 visitors had a chance to see clothing, homewears and other memorabilia from £1.

Their next visit to Cardiff is planned in March.



NoFit State Circus returns to Adamsdown

circus new photo

The British leading large-scale contemporary circus company has returned to its home in Adamsdown. Born in Adamsdown in 1986, NoFit State Circus has been touring the world for almost 30 years. Their new permanent home is called Four Elms and it is a refurbished 18-century church. Circus-lovers in the community have now a new place to improve skills and the company. For  Lynn Carroll, the community programme and agency manager of the company, the place offers them great opportunities. Fan Wang has talked to her.


Christmas Waste is being treated in Cardiff

Image by Clayton Parker
Photo: Clayton Parker

Christmas vacation has finished, but the recycling work of Christmas waste in Cardiff is still going on.

Cardiff Council encourages citizens to reduce and recycle their trees, cards, wrapping paper and so on.You can take your waste to Household Waste Recycling Centre(HWRC), where it will be turned into nutritious compost.

HWRC on Wedal Road, Cardiff Photo: CNP
HWRC on the Wedal Road, Cardiff
Photo: CNP

Bob O’Brien, the HWRC coordinate supervisor, talks about how they deal with the Christmas waste people bring to HWRC as well as his suggestions to manufacturers on how to be more environmental-friendly in producing Christmas goods. Besides, Cardiff citizens like Jeff White, who brought his daughter’s Christmas tree to the HWRC on the Wedal Road and Andrew Miller, who brings her household waste to HWRC regularly also share their experience on Christmas waste.

Household Waste Recycling Centre on Wedal Road, Cardiff Photo: CNP
HWRC on the Wedal Road, Cardiff
Photo: CNP