New Site for Central Bus Station

Cardiff central bus station will be closed in June for redevelopment. A new transport hub is to open on December 2017. During this period, bus users may face some inconvenience.

New Site for Bus Station  Photo:CNP
New Site for Bus Station Photo:CNP

The site of the existing bus station will be the new headquarters for BBC Wales. In 2017, there will be a news transport hub.

According to Cardiff Council, during the two years, buses will pick up and drop off from streets around the city and the shelters and other facilities will be improved for bus users. Some people still show their worries about this problem. Angela Smyth, a passenger says, she don’t know where the news bus station will exactly be and it may bring massive inconvenient and she hope to see Cardiff Council’s new layout. Some people think the inconvenience is temporarily, and it will be more efficient and convenience with the new transport hub.

As a part of Central Square plan, the news transport hub will set up with one million square feet of new office, residential, and leisure space. According to Cardiff Council, the new one will be built at the north of the railway line on the site of Marland House and the NCP car park.

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