Stranglers singer launches new book

As a former member of British rock band “The Stranglers”, Hugh Cornwell has launched his second book ‘Arnold Drive’┬áin All saints Church at Penarth last Friday.

Hugh Cornwell Photo: CNP

Hugh Cornwell has enjoyed massive success with 10 hit albums and 21 singles, and received warm welcome among Europe and the USA’s audience. Peaches, No More Heroes, Golden Brown, Always the Sun and Duchess are those enjoying the greatest popularity. His latest album Totem And Taboo also aroused heated discussion.

Book signing  meeting at church  Photo: CNP
Book signing meeting at church Photo: CNP

He has launched his first book Window on the World in 2011, now he is launching his second one. The new book entails a religious theme, and evoked heated discussion among the audience at the launching night of Friday.

Leaving the British rock band The Stranglers, he has successfully extended his personal musical career into international landscape. Feeling one profession being beneficial to another, he is moving forward in his artistic way with music and writing. He is going to play his music in Tokyo in May, in America in June and July , and play some church music in November in UK.



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